Monday, January 19, 2015

Episode Three - "The Man in the Refrigerator"

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Episode Three - "The Man in the Refrigerator"

Kelsie brings her father's war memento to school, and it mysteriously disappears from her locker. She seeks help from Paige's greatest enemy to recover it.

Natalie Ruddy as Kelsie James
Megan Moran as Paige Pickett

Isabel Watkins as Heather Olsen
Kim Lynch as Stephen James
Togba Norris as Principal Whitaker
Adam McMillin as the Pizza Delivery Guy

time9.wav by levelclearer
sound-singing4.wav by zippi1
modern day war.mp3 by Omar Alvarado
Locker_open.wav by laiaoreka
Unzipping a zipper.wav by atha89
Short Alarm bell in school hall (some clock ticks etc).aif by sbyandiji
Closing metal locker.mp3 by orginaljun
Ping! by unfa
Door_slam_2.wav by Adam_N
explosionsfx.wav by OtisJames
Doorknob rattle 5.wav by CastIronCarousel
electronic music loop 002 by francium

This episode was edited, written and directed by Elliot Campos.

BEYOND SCHOOL is an original series created by Elliot Campos.

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