Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Episode Two - "Sittin' in a Tree"

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Episode Two - "Sittin' in a Tree"

Kelsie is shocked when her classmate transforms into an uncontrollable rage monster, but before she can deal with that situation, she has to drive her demanding little sister to her piano lesson. Meanwhile, Paige is keeping something strange inside her backpack.

Natalie Ruddy as Kelsie James
Megan Moran as Paige Pickett

Ayako K. as Christina James
Misty Anna as Gwen Ireland
Zach Zeidman as Roger Valentine
Victor Luis Ybarra as Joseph Geller
Stephen Patitucci as Mr. Yardley

time9.wav by levelclearer
sound-singing4.wav by zippi1
face punch.aif by makemebad
mySound_GPSUK_Bookslam.wav  by thecityrings
Short Alarm bell in school hall (some clock ticks etc).aif by sbyandiji
Porte open close.wav by Slanesh
Knock on door.mp3 by payattention
Ping! by unfa
Door 3.WAV by Ninafoletti
CarDoorOpenClose3.wav by phenoxy
Car Starting And Idling by mhtaylor67
Unzipping a zipper.wav by atha89
Clank Car Crash Collision by qubodup
002.wav by gevaroy
electronic music loop 002 by frankum

This episode was edited, written and directed by Elliot Campos.

BEYOND SCHOOL is an original series created by Elliot Campos.

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