Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Episode Twenty-Six - "Thoughts on Benedict"

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Episode Twenty-Six - "Thoughts on Benedict"

Kelsie reflects on her past before she's thrust into an uncertain future.

Natalie Ruddy as Kelsie James
Megan Moran as Paige Pickett

Toby Mobias as Isaac West
Riley Thomas as Zandria
Nicholas Puleo as the Cocoon Man
Togba Norris as Whitaker
Scott Swartz as Howell
Jesse Raspler as the Shaker

SOUND EFFECTS from FreeSound.org.
time9.wav by level clearer
sound-singing4.wav by zippi1
alarm.wav by f0rest15
knock.wav by someonesilly
Action Theme by FoolBoyMedia

Audio Engineering by Kamau Jamal Abercrombia

This episode was edited, written and directed by Elliot Campos.

BEYOND SCHOOL is an original series created by Elliot Campos.

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