Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Episode Thirteen - "Locked Classroom Mystery"

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Episode Thirteen - "Locked Classroom Mystery"

Kelsie poses as a teacher and has to deduce which one of her students is an evil alien.

Natalie Ruddy as Kelsie James

Karilynne Davies as Paulette Clark
Logan X. Hall as Freddie Nash
Sam Manilla as Bruce Osborne
Mary Jo Wood as Principal Daniels

SOUND EFFECTS from FreeSound.org.
time9.wav by levelclearer
whistle .wav by ripper351
Short Alarm bell in school hall (some clock ticks etc).aif by sbyandiji
acid ray gun.wav by djgriffin
Cartoon_Punch_01.wav by RSilveira_88
Action Theme by FoolBoyMedia

This episode was edited, written and directed by Elliot Campos.

BEYOND SCHOOL is an original series created by Elliot Campos.

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