Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Episode Nine - "Can You Keep a Secret"

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Episode Nine - "Can You Keep a Secret"

An old enemy returns to give Kelsie information that will forever change her life.

Natalie Ruddy as Kelsie James
Megan Moran as Paige Pickett

Togba Norris as Principal Whitaker
Hunter Kelly as Ernie Caudillo
Matilda Delene and Logan D. Knotts as the Students

SOUND EFFECTS from FreeSound.org.
time9.wav by levelclearer
sound-singing4.wav by zippi1
Metallic Screech.wav by astronaut_13579
Drive in The Nail.wav by Agaxly
cheering.wav by stephsinger22
Short Alarm bell in school hall (some clock ticks etc).aif by sbyandiji
squitch.wav by OtisJames
CarDoorOpenClose3.wav by phenoxy
cleanansweringbeep.flac by kwahmah_02
car horn.wav by keweldog
Car Breaking Skid 01.wav by Iberian_Runa
Car Crash by squareal
Car Starting And Idling by mhtaylor67
Action Theme by FoolBoyMedia

This episode was edited, written and directed by Elliot Campos.

BEYOND SCHOOL is an original series created by Elliot Campos.

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